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I assume that readers will have basic knowledge of Astrology like signs, stars, planets, houses, aspects etc. I will try my best to explain what I had understood so far. Lets go into the topic after bowing before Ganeshji and KSKji. There are 27 stars scattered along the zodiac.

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All these stars are allotted to 9 planets 3 each in the order of Vimsothari dasa system. So any planet in the horoscope will be in a sign and in a star too. Therefore planet will be in conjoined influence of the sign lord and star lord. KSK says that Star lord is more influential than the sign lord. Mostly sign is important to know the strength of that planet.

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Whether that planet is in a sign congenial to its nature or not should be noted. Later the features of the sign like element, gender, expression etc should be borne in mind.

Suppose Sun is in Aries, then we should note that Sun is in a fiery, movable, positive sign and very strong by sign position. Janam Kundali.

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Otherwise the results of a planet are reflected through the stars owned by it and offered by those planets tenanting them. Therefore planet will indicate the results of the star lord during its periods and sub periods or when any planet moves its stars in transit. For instance, for Aries Ascendant, Venus is lord of houses.

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Centre of Astrology, a government registered institute,was found in and provides with both basic and advanced knowledge in "Krishnamurti Padhyati", which is appreciated as the best scientific and logical process in learning proper Astrology. Astrology, is now-a-days considered as Science and is like a step sister to Astronomy. With the increase in people's interest for Astrology,we have decided to combine forces and our hard work, and provide knowledge in the proper learning af the subject.

Our reach is wide spread in entire Bengal.

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With an experienced faculty of Professors, the only goal is to properly guide the students in what they are learning, and especially NOT to falsify astrological tradition with incomplete knowledge,and NOT to make it just a way to earn money, as has been done in the past. Just as proper astrology saves life, improper Astrology ruins and destroys life. The sudents and staff of V. A strive to keep intact the Ideology and traditions with which the institute was found.

This website acts a guide, providing insight into all the courses, facilities, ongoing and upcoming activities in our institute and its administrative services. We welcome all interested people to join our journey, and be a part of the wonderful future that the generation is yet to see.

Thank you.

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