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Things to keep in mind: Are you sharing things you should be? Or is it better to keep certain juicy little nuggets of info to yourself? As for being with family during this time, make sure you keep an open mind. Things will go a lot more smoothly if you keep it neutral. The full moon is connected with Jupiter, which means you should be all about keeping an open mind. Basically, if your politically-charged uncle starts making statements that piss you off, just try to brush them off or laugh. Everyone is going to feel it on some level, but Sagittarius where the sun is and Gemini where the moon is will feel it a little more intensely.

Ditto for Virgo and Pisces, which are in the cross-currents of the full moon, Page says.

Overall, revel in the good side of the Gemini full moon—have some great conversations with your family and keep an open ear and mind about what they have to say, too. You might learn something new in the process. Way worse. To boot, Gemini's quick-moving energy can make us feel super distracted, so you're going to have to try extra hard to focus on self-control. Do your yoga breaths and diffuse that lavender oil, moon babies, cause we're going to need to find our chillllll.

Unfortunately, in a cruelly comical twist of fate, the full moon is going to be opposite Jupiter, which is actually going to make self-control really difficult.

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We can't win, y'all. But before you cancel all appointments and hide out through the weeks surrounding this luminary, know that there is total potential for growth here, too. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust , who shares, "The Gemini Full Moon is a time to grow and heal relationships through communication. It's important that we're getting our points across clearly and calmly, even with hot-tempered Mars on our shoulder and Mercury's retrograde spinning us upside down. So how will this energy manifest for you?

Bustle had Stardust as well as astrologers Randon Rosenbohm and Maia Orion weigh in on how the November full moon will affect each zodiac sign, so check out what's in store for you. Keep it posi, Aries, because even though your ruling planet Mars is wreaking a lil' bit of havoc on everyone's temper during this moon, you're actually in a great position to connect with and boost up others.

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Just keep being yourself, allow yourself to cheer up those who are having a super rough moon, and don't let Mercury's retrograde trip you up too much communication-wise. Ahhh, the sweet release that can come hand-in-hand with a full moon feels good, doesn't it, Taurus?

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With Venus, your ruling planet, having just stationed direct after its pesky retrograde, you'll definitely feel an influx of forward-moving energy in the money department, which your luxury-lovin' self will more than enjoy. Gemini, this moon is yours, and you know it — so don't be afraid to own it and seize the opportunity for growth.

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It's your time to do some self-care on the outside and inside, and shed those old skins to make room for new parts of yourself. As a sensi water baby ruled by the moon herself, you can bet you're going to be feeling this luminary, Cancer — and don't be afraid if you notice some old skeletons floating to the surface. All that means is you have easier access to them when it comes to cleaning them up. We're all trying to sort out what we want to do with our lives, but this full moon is calling you to examine your career path and purpose, Leo — and you'll want to strike while the inspiration iron is hot.

It might be more helpful than you'd even guess.

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If you've felt a bit clouded with confusion when it comes to what your future looks like, this full moon may actually offer some of the guidance you've been seeking. You're blessed with skills of social diplomacy, Libra, but the sometimes-gossipy Gemini energy of this moon may get you and the people around you a little caught up in drama. You hangin' in there, Scorpio?